2011 News

Dateline 121211

We celebrate another year of the dog & our last gig of 2011 at our home-away-from-home, the pbc (where else?!).


Special guest for the evening is the inimitable Cletis Carr, one of our favourite troubadour drinking buddies.


We’re going to deploy the famous pbc Chocolate Wheel fotr this one folks….veryone’s a winner, we’ve got all kinds of giveaways from cd’s & t-shirts to beer ‘n’ bowls & the lucky door prize is not to be sniffed at (it’s potable).

The Portuguese meat tray will be raffled in time-honoured fashion & the bistro will be open for business.

$5 on the door.


Dateline 121211

The pbc / Laughing Outlaw Records 2011 Xmas Party was the dog’s bollocks folks! We’d enjoyed Mustered Courage at the Canberra Fest through rain & shine & were absolutely blown away by the diversity of talent on display on Sunday … standouts were local sensations The Widowbirds & Sam Shinazzi’s  Bruce-channeling set.


Dateline 171111

This weekend we head to the Canberra Country Music Festival for 3 shows –

True Blue Stage – Saturday 5pm,

Main Stage – Sunday 10am (don’t think that this is in the program but we’ll be there, honest)

True Blue Stage – Sunday 5.15pm

Apparently, if the website is to believed, the organisers are convinced that we’re Victorians, but don’t let that worry you.
It will, however, be our only Festival appearance this season as (see below) our 7 year run at Maguire’s in Tamworth has come to an end.

It’s country music Jim, but not as we know it…


we who are not Tamworthy salute you…

Just a quick note to let you know that the Dead Setters have come to the end of a fun-filled seven year Festival run at Joe Maguire’s Pub. Due to family commitments we could only offer the venue a couple of dates for 2012, one hinging on the other, however they were unable to accommodate us & we have no choice but to bow out.

Of course, it is not without some regret that we tell you this as we’ll miss catching up with a lot of our interstate mates. As a non-touring band we don’t get to see a lot of you outside infrequent festival appearances, & the annual Tamworth Maguire’s residency was always a good opportunity for that, as well as catching up with our musical friends. In truth though, we’ve always felt a bit like a square peg in the increasingly round Aussie country music hole, & recent negative Festival experiences with heavy-handed security (not, we hasten to add, at Maguire’s), & over-zealous ‘RSA regulation’ enforcement, as well as a progressively more intimidating police presence (swat teams & sniffer dogs at the worlds most benign music fest?!), have made the Tamworth CMF a lot less enjoyable. Then, maybe we’re just grumpy old men?! Either way- that’s it…doggone.

That said, we do still harbour ambitions to do some independent touring of our own now that the kids are a bit older (the main reason that keeps most of us off the road), so you never know where we may show up- & of course this is not the only festival that provides a stage for real roots music aficionados such as ourselves… and, don’t forget, if you’re in Sydney you can find us at our de facto home at Petersham Bowlo- Sydney’s Best Small Band Venue 2011, where Mark is still El Presidente, the beer is cold & they’re keepin’ it real for all kinds of music, from the garage to the stars.

We’ll see you ‘round the traps.



 Coming soon…


A special event for fans of top-shelf country music, at the Petersham Bowling Club (PBC).

See leading local musicians cover your fave country artists such as Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffin, Steve Earle, Townes van Zandt, the Man In Black himself, Johnny Cash and loads more.

Our confirmed performers are: Suzy Connolly, Mark Lucas and the Dead Setters, Queen Ravine, Bryan Estepa, and James Thomson.

If you love country music, especially new/alt country, Inner Western at the PBC is for you! Come enjoy stunning live performances and support the Inner West’s most cherished community-owned venue.

When: Sunday Nov 13th, 5-9pm.
Where: PBC, 77 Brighton St Petersham
Cost: $15 on the door, kids FREE



in breaking news we hear that our home away from home (& yeah- we admit Mark’s El Presidente ‘n’ all) has just been awarded BEST LOCAL BAND VENUE in the 2011 Alternative Media Group Best of Sydney Awards.

Rest assured we’ll be there celebrating at the next gig in our long-running residency this Sunday arvo Sept 11th.

Best Small Venue


 “…son of a gun, gonna have BIG fun…”

‘The 2011 HANK & PATSY Birthday Bash’


A year passes like nothing, & before you know it, it’s time for the annual Hank Williams Birthday bash at Canterbury Hurstone Park RSL & playing as we do, both kinds of music & then some, in our own particular way, we are pleased to announce that this year the event has grown to encompass the divine Patsy Cline.

If the shoe fits thought we…so, patsies that we are, the Dead Setters have, gasp…eschewed Hank in favour of The Cline. Lots of our pals & also some nice folks’ll be there so dust of your glad rags peeps! (tried to upload the poster but, alas, failed miserably).

 Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Thursday September 8th 8pm FREE


Well, it’s taken a while but I’ve finally sussed how to wrangle the software so I can update this – wretched thing won’t let me cut & paste so my typing skills will be challenged- anyway…

Saturday 9th July- Petersham Bowling Club Annual Membership Drive incorporating the Laughing Outlaw Records Winter Ball


BBB poster


I guess that most know by now that I’m running the music program at this joint, lately I also became President- yeah sure…huh? me, bowling club, presidency?…could be gettin’ old & staid – but it’s only rock’n’roll & I like it.

Here’s a link to the facebook event page:


There are a whole bunch of fellow Laughing Outlaws appearing throughout the day including Jason Walker, Bryan Estepa, Sam Shinazzi, Jamie Hutchings, Miss Little, Hailer, Grun& more. Come on down & celebrate our community.

The following arvo (10th July)  me & the Dead setters are back at the club with Nathan Handasyd Williams & the Primitives & our old mate Karl Broadie- we’re in the middle spot at about 7pm.