Sideshow Alley


ivah52b51. In the Pines
2. Seven Days
3. Friday come Sunday
4. Amor es Perdido
5. Your Town
6. Story of Our Life
px31dvix7. Jukebox Jury
8. Wind River
9. The Ring
10. Won’t Say Goodbye
11. Tearin’ this Old House Down
12. Rosie
13. Sisters of Mercy
14.Bootheels of Desire

What the critics say

“high flying country blues”
– Salvatore Baldacchino, Backstage Radio News (Belgium)
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“…very varied, strong roots recording of a great Australian band.”
– Freddy Celis, Rootstime (Netherlands)
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“…anyone who knows anything about Mark Lucas will testify that the man takes his songcrafting seriously, a trait that has established Lucas as a well-respected writer.”

-Martin Jones, Rhythms
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“Mark Lucas & the Dead Setters have made traditional country their own and don’t have to convince.”
– John Gjaltema, alt (Netherlands)
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“One falls in love from the first listen…impossible to be bored with such a large musical and rhythmic variety…a strongly recommended album.”
-Roland Lanzarone, Le Cri du Coyote (France)

“…smoking and it is not dangerous to your health”
– Keith Glass, Capital News
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“Mark Lucas remains one of the country’s most interesting and literate songwriters, and his band exemplifies the hard edged inner western honky tonk that … always goes over well in Tamworth.”
Ken Date- 2008 Tamworth Festival Report