White Man Soul


ivah52b5Artist: Mark Lucas and the Dead Setters
Title: White Man Soul – Sunburned country and the urban blues

1. When I Call Your Name
2. Monster’s Ball
3. Girl on a Motorcycle
px31dvix4. For Everything Else I Got You
5. The Emperor of Wyoming’s Urban Blues
6. Is This what you think you’re missing?
7. Canal Road
8. Whiskey Dents
9. Charlie
10. Dryland Sea
11. Cold Rain & Snow (trad.)
12. In Truth
13. Satin’n’Lace Blues
14. Mansion

What the critics say

“A seamless mix of country and folk from Down Under…encapsulates perfectly the appeal of the true singer-songwriter.”
– MM, Maverick Magazine (UK)

“one of Australia’s premier songwriters.”
– Ken Date krdcountry.com

“a sheer joy on repeated listening”
– David Dawson, Beat Magazine

“well written, well played, a gentle pleasure, and virtually impossible to dislike.”
– Patrick Wilkins, Americana UK
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