Mark Lucas & the Dead Setters

This guy was born to write songs that you’d want to hear on your car stereo as you hit the road.
Brent Mckean, Revolver

“A seamless mix of country & folk from Down Under…encapsulates perfectly the appeal of the true singer-songwriter.” ****
MM, Maverick Magazine (UK)

“…the Sydney troubadour himself…Terrific songwriting and musicianship…Sydney’s answer to Townes van Zandt and Robert Earl Keen.”
Bryen Willems, Radio 2RRR

“a near perfect musical setting for these distinctly Australian tales of restless souls, ghosts of the past, desert vistas and suburban angst.”
Kim Cheshire in Country Update Magazine 

Urban folk roots country blues…

Continental Drift cover sm.

English born, Sydney based singer-songwriter, Mark Lucas has played many roles in the past 30 odd years. Arriving in Australia in 1981 with a trunk full of belongings and an old Martin guitar, he has been variously a banana farm hand, insurance broker, Native American arts trader, worked in movies and bars, and even found time to establish one of Sydney’s favourite small venues, Petersham Bowling Club (the pbc); but always at heart he’s followed the muse wherever it leads, from late ‘70’s South London roots rock, to quirky ‘80’s pop/rock, and returning full circle to the narrative heart of the troubadour.

Hard on the heels of his recent solo outing Little Town Blues, local troubadour Mark Lucas is back with a new offering from his stalwart band, The Dead Setters.

‘The Continental Drift’, the band’s fifth release offers gritty observations on life & love driven by a bunch of musicians schooled in everything from punk to country, but all with a taste for tale well told & a melody that hooks you in.

“… finds the group loosening their shoulders and opening up into a more eclectic Americana sound. The country-rock roots still remain but now they are enhanced with soulful touches, rousing rock’n’roll, languid atmospheric wanderings and an inherent Australian sun-kissed warmth on yet another strong release from Lucas and band.”
Chris Familton – The Music

“The recipe seems pretty simple: creeping easy on the ear melodies, songs written with ingredients from the store where Tom Petty and Elliott Murphy shop, a voice which is very akin to that of Gerry Rafferty, guitar sounds emerging from the strings of Bonnie Raitt … well, enough parts to make the great record that this CD has become.”

Dani Heyvaert –


‘Little Town Blues’ (Laughing Outlaw Records LOR174CD)

“I’d place Mark Lucas in the same category where you find the late Townes Van Zandt and John Prine, or Robert Earl Keen: handsome, easy-to-the-ear melodies, beautiful, pure, at times bitter and sardonic lyrics, and a number of songs which you could immediately catalogue as “gets stuck in your head”. “Please tell the DJ” is one such, a slow waltz that Willie Nelson could cover to his benefit.

– Dani Heyvaert, (Belgium)

“…after all these years writing and recording songs, he’s still got plenty to draw on, and you just can’t fake soul like this.” – Whisperinandhollerin (Ireland)

“…an exemplary example of Australian songwriting, full of beautifully restrained playing and honest lyrics.” – Chris Familton, The Music