The Dead Setters

band-markMark Lucas – vocals, guitars

Singer-songwriter, Mark Lucas doesn’t fit neatly into the mould of contemporary Australian country/roots artists. A resident of inner-western Sydney, Mark spins tales rooted in urban experience but informed by a land as untamed and contrasting as the characters who inhabit it.

With over 20 years experience playing in and fronting bands- from the late ’70’s London pub scene, to a diverse range of bands in Sydney from the mid ’80’s, Mark’s musical journey has taken him from early country influences, through blues, folk rock,’80’s pop and back to a unique blend of all.

band-chris-mChris Mearns – bass, vocals

Chris is another musician who has been around for many years, firstly as pianist in show bands, and then as bass player in various country bands. Most recently he has toured as a member of the multi-award winning Handpicked.



band-steveSteve Gunning – drums, vocals

Steve brings a wealth of experience including time with Vicky O’Keefe, Glenn Rhodes, Grace Knight and Margaret Urlich.



band-jakeJake Lardot – guitar

Most often seen in the musical company of ‘The Hat’, Jake is a complementary guitar slinger par excellence & we like nothing better than to bask in his fluid lines & then just let him off the leash…



band-john-leeJohn Lee – fiddle, vocals

John has worked with a number of popular local country artists including Nicki Gillis, Bryen Willems, Ronnie Rae Rivers & Tall Timbre, and can frequently be seen & heard at bluegrass gatherings.